Membership in NOWA

Benefits of NOWA Membership

  • Recognition, camaraderie and shared insights as a professional member of the outdoors media
  • Invitation to our annual spring conference, featuring craft improvement sessions and opportunities to enjoy free or discounted outdoor trips and adventures
  • The opportunity to network with dozens of professionals in the outdoors media industry
  • The opportunity to compete in our annual “Excellence in Craft” Contest where you can win cash and media recognition
  • Chances to attend free or discounted Familiarization Trips at unique Northwest destinations
  • 10 issues annually of “Field Notes,” NOWA’s newsletter, packed with craft improvement information and market opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Inclusion in NOWA’s Annual Membership Directory

Membership Categories and Application Forms

If you are interested in membership, read the information below to find out which category is right for you. Then download the appropriate form (the links are in the sections below), fill it out, and mail the form and a check to the address shown on the form.

NOWA’s annual membership is approximately 225 Active, Associate, Apprentice, Active Retired, Charter, and Supporting members. Individual members represent nearly every major publication in the Northwest, and many are affiliated with the OUTDOOR WRITERS OF AMERICA (OWAA) and OUTDOOR WRITERS OF CANADA (OWC), including past and present national office holders. However, NOWA is a completely separate entity whose members are specifically oriented toward outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest.

Member Application_Form

There are several classes of membership, as described below.

Active Member

An “Active” member has voting rights. He/she must satisfy one of the following conditions on a yearly basis; all work must be done for pay:

  • Illustrator, cartoonist, or artist: 6 published pieces of work.
  • Radio or television broadcaster: 18 outdoor shows or broadcasts.
  • Lecturer: 18 lectures on a scheduled basis.
  • Still photographer: 21 published outdoor pictures.
  • Movie photographer: One 24-minute or two 12-minute features.
  • Magazine writer (part-time staff or free-lancer): six published articles.
  • Newspaper writer: 24 articles or columns, or any combination thereof.
  • Book author: 1 book every 3 years.
  • Editors: Editors of magazines, newspapers, or video and audio outlets, whose full time duties include the review and presentation of conservation or outdoor recreation topics, irrespective of their state or province of residence.
  • Information Employees: Full-time information employees of a non-profit organization or agency and state, provincial or federal agencies engaged in conservation and outdoor recreation activities and producing photographs, radio or video tapes, press release packages, background information, story ideas or other material for optional use of the media.

 Retired Member

A “Retired” classification member who is over 62 years of age, and who has 20 years standing in the outdoor media field or 10 years membership in NOWA, may apply for “Retired” membership. “Retired” members do not have to fulfil the professional requirements of “Active” members.  A “Retired” member has voting rights.

 Associate Member

The requirements for “Associate” classification membership are one-half of the requirements for “Active” classification membership. All work must be done for pay. An “Associate” member does NOT have voting rights.

Apprentice Member

The requirements for “Apprentice” classification membership are: A person who is interested in becoming an outdoor writer. An “Apprentice” member does NOT have voting rights.

Student Member

The requirements for “Student” classification membership are: A student 18 years or older who is enrolled in college and interested in becoming an outdoor writer. A “Student” member does NOT have voting rights.

Supporting Member

The requirements for “Supporting” membership classification are: A firm involved in the commerce of outdoor products and services. A “Supporting” member does NOT have voting rights.

Supporting Member Benefits

  • Direct access to professional, credentialed, outdoor communicators
  • New products, services & events in NOWA’s newsletter, “Field Notes”
  • Invitation to NOWA’s annual spring conference
  • Sponsorship & promotional opportunities
  • Inclusion in, and hard copy of, NOWA’s Annual Membership Directory
  • Link to your company on NOWA’s website

Application Form for Supporting Member

Pay Dues Online!

For your convenience, you can pay 2018 dues online via a secure connection to PayPal. (An online processing fee is added to your dues amount.)

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