Excellence in Craft Contest

ENTER the NOWA Excellence in Craft Contest for work completed in 2017

NOWA members compete annually in the Excellence in Craft contest. Non-members can also compete. Members and non-members submit their best works for judging by independent, non-NOWA judges. Judges are professional writers and photographers from other areas and associations across the continent. Winners are awarded their prizes at the annual Awards Banquet held during the annual Conference.

Entry deadline January 15, 2018.

EIC Contest Categories 2017

EIC Entry form 2017

EIC Contest Rules 2017

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EIC Entry Fees

Excellence in Craft Winners for Work Completed in 2016

Column of the Year

Sponsor: Chrysler Group/Ram Trucks
1st Christopher Batin — Coast                                                                                                                  2nd Terry J. Wiest — Northwest Sportsman
3rd Duane Dungannon — Oregon Hunter

Fishing Article in Media Other Than Newspaper

Gary Lewis Interviewing.. I suspect ,on what kids think about fishing?

Sponsor: TTI Blakemore Fishing Group

1st Dave Vedder — Sport Fishing

2nd Jason Haley — Rocky Mountain Game & Fish
3rd Dave Vedder — Sporting Classics
Fishing Article, Newspaper

Sponsor: TTI Blakemore Fishing Group
1st Henry Hughes — Statesman Journal
2nd Troy Rodakowski — Register Guard
3rd Dennis Clay — Columbia Basin Herald

Hunting/Shooting Article in Magazine/Newsletter

Sponsor: Leupold Stevens                                                                                                                       1st Gary Lewis — Sports Afield
2nd Duane Dungannon — Washington Oregon Game & Fish
3rd Brinton Cary — Northwest Sportsman

Hunting/Shooting Article, Newspaper

Sponsor: Leupold Stevens                                                                                                                      1st Dennis Dunn — Sportsman’s News
2nd Alan Liere — Spokesman Review
3rd Troy Rodakowski — Register Guard

Hunting/Shooting Article, Web only/Blog

Sponsor: Leupold Stevens                                                                                                                         1st Troy Rodakowski — Wide Open Spaces                                                                                              2nd Troy Rodakowski — Wide Open Spaces

Travel/Camping/Recreation Magazine/Newspaper

Sponsor: Visit Lewis Clark Valley
1st Peter Schroeder — BoatUS Magazine
2nd Mike McKenna — Social Register Observer
3rd Henry Hughes — Flyfishing and Tying Journal

Travel/Camping/Recreation Newspaper

Sponsor: Visit Lewis Clark Valley
1st Mike Brodwater — Spokesman Review
2nd Lee Juillerat — Klamath Falls Herald and News
3rd Lee Juillerat — Medford Mail Tribune

Travel/Camping/Recreation Web only/Blog

Sponsor: Visit Lewis Clark Valley
1st Lee Juillerat — High on Adventure
2nd Lee Juillerat — High on Adventure

Managing our World

Sponsor: BoatUS                                                                                                                                    

1st Terry Otto — Angler’s Club magazine
2nd Henry Hughes — Flyfishing and Tying Journal                                                                                    3rd Terry J. Wiest — Northwest Sportsman

Photography, People

Sponsor: NOWA
1st Adela Jackson — NOWA website                                                                                                          2nd Doug Wilson — Salmon Trout Steelheader
3rd Michel Hersen — Shutterbug

Photography, Fauna

Sponsor: NOWA
1st Dennis Dauble — Washington Oregon Game & Fish
2nd Doug Wilson– Newspaper
3rd Adela Jackson — NOWA Membership Directory cover

Photography, Outdoors

Sponsor: NOWA                                                                                                                                         1st Mike Hersen —Shutterbug
2nd Michel Brodwater– Spokesman Review
3rd Greg Gulbrandsen — Pharoah in Canaan


Sponsor: O’Connor Communications
1st Jeremy Johnson — Can’t Lose Bowhunting
2nd Gary Lewis — Fishing Central Oregon, 6th Edition
3rd Christopher Batin — Advanced Alaska Fly Fishing


Sponsor: Lone Wolf Distributors                                                                                                           1st Gary Lewis– Oregon Hunter
2nd Duane Dungannon — Oregon Hunter
3rd Shannon Fitzgerald — Oregon Hunter


Sponsor: NOWA                                                                                                                                            1st Richy Harrod — The Northwest Outdoorsmen
2nd Samuel Pyke — Frontier Unlimited TV Show
3rd Samuel Pyke — Frontier Unlimited TV Show


Sponsor: NOWA                                                                                                                                            1st John Kruse — Northwest Outdoors Radio                                                                                             2nd Gary Lewis —On The Trail

Apps and other multi-media

Sponsor: NOWA                                                                                                                                           1st  Peter Schroeder — Northwest Snow Sports Guide