2017 Spring Conference Sandpoint, Idaho

It’s not too late to attend the Sandpoint Conference!

Conference Schedule

Reach new heights at NOWA’s Annual Conference, April 27-30, 2017 in Sandpoint, Idaho and meet media professionals — writers, photographers, publishers, artists, and audio and video broadcasters from the Pacific Northwest. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity for networking, craft improvement, regional field trips and more.

Nonmembers are invited too! Bring a guest!


Accommodations at La Quinta Hotel $65 night single/double and includes free breakfast. For reservations call 208-263-9581.

For those flying to the conference, the closest airport is Spokane. Sandpoint is a two-hour drive from Spokane.

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NOWA Fishing Derby—–Friday, April 28, 2017

At this year’s conference in Sandpoint, Idaho, NOWA will hold a fishing derby open to anglers who are either NOWA members or guests of NOWA members. To qualify for the derby, the angler must be registered for attendance at the Saturday night banquet. Entry fee: $10 check payable to NOWA (due at conference registration by Friday morning).

The derby starts at 12:30 pm on Friday, April 28. The site of the Derby is Round Lake in Bonner County. Derby ends at 4:30 pm: angler and fish must be present at the boat launch.

To qualify, the fish must have been caught between 12:30pm and 4:30pm on the day of the derby. All legal sport fishing methods are legal for this derby. The angler must have an Idaho fishing license valid for the day of the derby. There will be four categories as follows:

  • Fly-fishing Coldwater: Largest trout, char, whitefish or salmon*
  • Spinning Gear Coldwater: Largest trout, char, whitefish or salmon
  • Fly-fishing Warmwater: Largest Bass, Perch or Crappie
  • Spinning Gear Warmwater: Largest Bass, Perch or Crappie

We will recognize four winners from the above categories. Other than the Fly-fishing Coldwater category, the fish must be retained for judging. It is okay to keep a fish in a livewell for later release. If a fly-caught fish is released, to be eligible in the fly-fishing category, the fish must have a length and girth measurement and the angler must submit a digital image.

Prizes: Cash awards to be determined. Judges will be NOWA members selected in advance. Judges may also compete in the derby.

Round Lake address: 1915 Dufort Road, Sagle, Idaho

Access: ADA fishing dock, boat launch, boat rentals

To register: Gary Lewis, garylewisoutdoors@gmail.com

* Fly-fishing trout, okay to release. Must have digital picture and length and girth measurements. Use a cloth measuring tape.

** Derby rules are subject to change based on conditions and other variables

For additional information, click on this link: https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/fishingPlanner/water/?id=11616d

Round Lake – A snapshot Open Year-round

  • 58-120 acres
  • 2,122 feet elevation
  • 10 miles S of Sandpoint, ID
  • 71 miles NE of Spokane, WA
  • 186 miles NW of Missoula, MT
  • 108 km south of Creston, British Columbia, Canada
    • 414 miles N of Boise, ID



NOWA Shooting Event—–Friday, April 28, 2017

Personal Protection at Home and in the Field/Backcountry. What Works for You?

The NOWA Shooting Event this year is sponsored by supporting members National Shooting Sports Foundation and Lone Wolf Distributors, Inc. Here’s your chance to compare semi-automatic pistols and traditional revolvers. Shoot tripped out 9mm, 10mm, and 357 magnum Glock semi-autos and 38 special, 357 and 44 magnum revolvers to determine what personal protection option you’d choose for at home and in the field/backcountry.

Coordinator Greg Gulbrandsen says to sign up for the shooting event on Friday morning, April 28 at the conference. The shoot takes place that afternoon from 1-5 pm at the Outdoor Shooting Range owned by the city of Sandpoint located at 113 Turtle Rock Road, about 10 min from downtown. Take your own transportation or catch the Ram Power Wagon.

Shooting benches are covered. They have eye and ear protection if you forget to bring your own. The weather could be warm or chilly, so there’s a wood stove outside if it gets chilly. Porta Potty is available.